When it comes to mold removal in Toronto old buildings, you don’t want to take any chances. This toxic element thrives in homes and places of business and often goes undetected to the untrained eyes. Symptoms of reaction to mold include itchy eyes, allergic reactions, asthma attacks and can even result to serious damage to the lungs.

That’s why you need the services of EcoPower for all your mold and air quality testing. Through our cutting-edge technology, we detect and remove unsightly and dangerous mould, however substantial the problem is. You don’t want to leave anything to chance when it comes to the health of your family, and we have years of experience in the safe, effective treatment and removal of black mold (and 1,000 other types of mold) from homes and businesses.

Ontario Ministry of Labour logoAll our projects are compliant with the Ontario Ministry of Labour and Environment Regulations. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of work quality when caring for your home and the safety of your family and/or business. Please take your time and research mould removal companies in Canada, and we are confident that you will see our reputation propelling us beyond any other name in the industry. We pride ourselves on our environmentally friendly, organic mould removal in Toronto and our friendly customer services. Our goal is to ensure that you always have peace of mind, knowing that your loved ones or employees are safe from the harmful effects of mould. After all, we are only as good as each and every single customer we have the pleasure of helping, so we take it personally.


There’s no way around it! Mould is a very serious, potentially harmful organism and it is a problem that often goes ignored. Mould demands an immediate and proactive action plan so that it doesn’t grow and multiply into an endangering presence in your home or place of business. The key to controlling mould is controlling the moisture in the air, this is why you need specialists to conduct thorough air quality testing and analysis of your home or business.

Indoor air pollution is one of the major contributors to ‘building sickness’ and can seriously jeopardize productivity and adversely affect the health of all those who are exposed to it.

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At EcoPower Environmental we specialise in indoor air quality monitoring, testing, and sampling. Make sure you call us for your air quality testing in Toronto, the GTA or the rest of Ontario. We will take a look at your air quality related problems immediately and get you moving towards a mould-free building! When it comes to the health of your family, friends or employees, peace of mind means a lot so be sure to choose the cutting-edge in professionalism, technology and service – EcoPower Environmental.

All EcoPower air quality testing samples are tested and analyzed by PRO-LAB® laboratories, one of the leading providers of environmental laboratory testing services in the world. Our test will indicate if there is any mould present in the area. We also determine the amount and type of mould spores that exist in your home or building.

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The property buying process doesn’t need to be stressful and complicated. Choosing a qualified and experienced Home Inspector can give you the knowledge and confidence you need to make sound real estate purchasing decisions. With the highest standards of excellence and professionalism in the home inspection industry, our commitment to honesty, accuracy and integrity bring peace of mind to every customer.

Our customers enjoy the professionalism only InterNACHI Certified Inspectors can provide. Our inspectors have all successfully passed InterNACHI’s Inspector Examination, taken a Standards of Practice Quiz, completed a Code of Ethics Course, adhere to Standards of Practice, abide by a Code of Ethics, attend required continuing education courses, and are InterNACHI Certified.

We are proficient in performing inspections in any occupied or vacant property. We use the most innovative and technically advanced equipment available including inferred imaging, to insure no stone is left unturned.

We don’t consider a job to be complete until all of your questions are answered. With an EcoPower Home Inspection, we don’t answer to anyone but you. No matter where you need a home inspection done in Ontario, the experts at EcoPower can handle it!


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Water and fire can cause serious damage to buildings. It is important to remove all the harmful elements before restoration of a property to its previous glory. Our knowledgeable team is at your disposal 24/7.


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Asbestos removal, if done by an untrained person, can have devastating long term results on that person and others. Asbestos removal should be done by trained professionals like us who know how to do it safely and in accordance with provincial regulations.


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We are professional restoration contractors in Toronto and GTA area. We offer renovation and construction services to our clients who were unlucky to have their property destroyed by water or fire. Efficiency of our restoration department and quality of work are second to none.